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The City of Las Cruces held a series of public input meetings and opportunities to prepare projects for a General Obligation Bond election to be held in August. After hundreds participated in providing feedback through meetings or emails several projects were initially presented for a public survey and project scoping. Four bond questions have been proposed and can be viewed below. All of the projects have aspects addressing concerns from our citizens and each helps to meet the needs of our city.

If approved by City Council on June 4th, each voter living within the City of Las Cruces will have an opportunity to vote on the GO Bond via mail-in ballot before August 21st 2018.

Scroll down to learn more about the projects in each GO Bond question and see the public input that was obtained.

View Survey Results

About General Obligation Bonds

General Obligation (GO) Bonds are an important source of funding for basic capital improvements (bricks and mortar) that our growing community requires to thrive.

General Obligation Bonds are typically best suited for projects that benefit the general public but generate little or no revenue to pay debt service.

The City typically uses GO Bonds for initiatives including:
  • Parks and recreation facilities and improvements
  • Public facilities such as fire stations, police stations, libraries, senior centers
  • Infrastructure improvements such as roads, sidewalks, trails, and drainage facilities
  • Other projects with strong local support

Proposed Projects

The following unfunded priority projects have emerged from the public input process and the City's Capital Improvement Process as candidates for GO Bond funding. Preliminary funding amounts are included for each project

Park and Sports Fields Improvements and Additions
Park Improvements
  • Desert Trails, Young Park, Apodaca Park
  • Hadley Complex improvements; lights, irrigation, restrooms, concession stand, dugouts
  • Unidad Park Improvements and Splash Pad
Sports Courts Improvements
  • Basketball Courts - Metro Verde, Four Hills, Hilrise, Cardon, Frank O’Brien Papen, Klein, Benavidez Community Center
  • Tennis Courts - Young, Apodaca, Lions and Metro Parks
  • Dog Parks - 2 acres of new dog park(s)
  • East Mesa Public Recreation Complex
    • 10 acre park, baseball complex, soccer and football fields
    • Eight (8) Pickleball courts
Animal Shelter
New Animal Shelter Facility

This project creates a new stray animal and adoption center along with administration offices on the site of the existing facility.

Above: Existing Animal Service Center of the Mesilla Valley facility at 3551 Bataan Memorial West.
Fire Station
Fire Station 3 Replacement

This project replaces the existing Fire Station 3, a building constructed in 1967. The replacement would add response capacity of the station for increasing call demand.

Community park
Walking, Jogging, Biking, and Recreational Trails

This project focuses on upgrades to Citywide multi-use paths and trails, and implements aspects of the Mesilla Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) plan:

  • Complete a City Loop using City of Las Cruces right of ways
  • Utilize Elephant Butte Irrigation District (EBID) laterals
  • Provide wayfinding

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a GO Bond?

A GO Bond is a form of debt financing secured by property tax revenue - General obligation bonds can be issued for general purpose projects. The law requires each specific project to be presented in a separate question for voter approval

How much bonding capacity does the city of las cruces have?

State statute limits the amount of general obligation bonds issued by municipalities to 4% of total assessed valuation. The City of Las Cruces' current GO Bonding capacity is about $92 million.

Does Las Cruces have any GO Debt?

No, Las Cruces currently has no GO Bond debt.

How is the GO Bond debt retired?

A GO Bond is typically paid back in 10 to 15 years with an interest rate based on the City's credit worthiness. A municipality can borrow at a better than private market rate.

Will there be future GO Bond Elections?

Many communities issue and repay GO Bonds on a regular cycle - e.g. every 2 to 6 years. The City will evaluate the success of the upcoming election to determine the strategy for future elections.

What is the tax impact on a typical home owner?

The following table shows the yearly impact to a typical homeowner should voters approve a $35.6 million GO Bond that funds all of the proposed projects.

Bond Size: Yearly Cost to a Typical Homeowner
Full Value Assessed Value* 2.1 mills
$100,000 $33,333 $70.00
$125,000 $41,667 $87.00
$150,000 $50,000 $105.00
$175,000 $58,333 $122.00
$200,000 $66,667 $140.00
$225,000 $75,000 $157.00
$250,000 $83,333 $175.00

*Tax at 1/3 market valuation Median Home Value

What is schedule for the GO Bond process?

The GO Bond Schedule:

February 15 to May 1, 2018 - Public Meetings and project vetting

May 4 - Final Ballot Information determined

June 4 - Council considers ballot approval

August 21 - Mail-in election for GO Bond

Does the City have other sources of capital funding?

Yes. Las Cruces has a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) that is now primarily funded by revenue bonds. These are bonds issue against a regular source of revenue such as the City's share of the New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax (GRT). You can find information about the City's CIP program here, at the Office of Management and Budget site.

If approved, when would the tax increases go into effect?

Depending on which GO Bond requests are approved, the City will prepare for one or several bond sales spaced out to minimize interest cost and match project needs. Tax rates would be adjusted after the sale of the bond(s), and property owners would see that increase on their next property tax bill (issued annually).

Where can I submit a question?

Send in your thoughts to gobond@las-cruces.org.

The Election

Jason Smith and Udel Vigil
Above: Jason Smith, CLC Deputy Fire Chief, on CLC-TV with Udel Vigil. Discussion available on Vimeo video platform.

The next General Obligation Bond election is on August 21, 2018. It will be a mail-in ballot process.

The City of Las Cruces provides resources like this website to help you determine the issues and priorities that will be put to the community for a vote.

CLC-TV on Granicus

View Council Work Session Activity

Council Work Session information is available on CLC-TV's Granicus platform. Includes video archives, downloadable packets for agenda topics, meeting minutes, and other supporting files.


View a PDF presentation about the projects within the GO Bond.

Portable Document Format (PDF), 1 MB in size. Updated May 16, 2018.


The City welcomes your thoughts about the GO Bond and the implementation of its proposed projects.

You can provide input by attending a public meeting and emailing your suggestions to gobond@las-cruces.org.

Previous Meetings

February 15, 2018
Lynn Middle School
February 22, 2018
Branigan Cultural Center
March 27, 2018
Sage Café
April 3, 2018
Branigan Cultural Center
April 14, 2018
Frank O’Brien Papen Community Center
May 14, 2018
Frank O’Brien Papen Community Center - City Council Work Session

Summary of Results to Date

The City received many comments during public meetings and email correspondence. These paraphrased comments received to date are available for download in Microsoft Excel (xlsx) format and plain text (csv).